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Program We support your homeschooling 

At HBP, we support your homeschooling.  You, the parents, are the core subject teachers while HBP teachers provide oversight, support, curriculum, and direct instruction to add to your homeschooling program.  You have the freedom to homeschool your way, and your children have all the resources and programming that HBP has to offer.

On our Monday Academy Days, we offer direct instruction to all our students.  TK-K students can enjoy play-based learning with TK-K Time.  Students in 1st-3rd grades can explore hands-on science with Science Academy.  Students in 4th-8th grades can join Math Academy and Literary Academy to improve their math and writing skills. Our Tuesday and Wednesday Morning JumpStart Classes offer a creative experience in reading, writing, science, social studies, and art.

You can use your own nonsectarian curriculum or the curriculum that we provide free of charge.  You can choose from our Curriculum Catalogue for curriculum in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and also choose museum memberships and online instruction.  We also have a Lending Library with picture books, early readers, chapter books, homeschooling books, and parenting books, as well as musical instruments and tablets.

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Our Lending Library

Explore our Lending Library, stocked with fiction and nonfiction for students, math manipulative, science kits, homeschooling resources for families, iPads, ukuleles, and more!

Open days

Open Days provide fun social time for our students both on the playground and in our classrooms.  Organized activities are scheduled for each Open Day, as well as plenty of free choice time.

Elective Classes

These weekly structured classes provide engaging 90 minute classes with topics like: Karate, Sewing, Fairy Tales, Construction, Cooking, Spanish, and more.

Field Trips

We organize several field trips per year, both in our community and beyond.

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Direct Instruction

HBP offers direct instruction on our Monday Academy Days, and on our Morning JumpStarts before the Tuesday and Wednesday Open Days.   We also have direct instruction on Thursday elective class days. Direct instruction comes from our credentialed teachers and our highly qualified specialists.

Community at The HomeBased Partnership We value Community

At HBP, we value community. We start our Monday Academy Days and Our Open Days with a circle time to bring our groups together.  Our circle times offer a chance for us all to have face-to-face time, greet each other, share our news, announcements, and stories, and congratulate and support each other. 


We practice Conflict Resolution by practicing using “I statements” and using active listening, and taking turns talking and listening.  At HBP, we have teachers, classroom aides, and parent volunteers who are there to help facilitate children’s relationships, help children identify and express their feelings, and help children work through conflicts.


At HBP, love to see our parents get together. We offer Parent Workshops, family events, and parent social get-togethers.  Parents can opt to stay at HBP for as long as they wish, or drop off their children and enjoy some respite.  Tagalong siblings are welcome to come with their parents.


Weekly Schedule



HBP offers direct instruction from credentialed teachers throughout the week.  We also offer fun, educational electives taught by specialists, and engaging social time.  



You are not required to participate in our programs.  You have the freedom to create your own schedule.  But at a minimum, your child needs to come to HBP at least eight hours per month.

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TK Program schedule
Kindergarten-8th grade Schedule