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About Us

The HomeBased Partnership The best option for homeschooling families in Santa Barbara

We are a TK-8th grade, tuition-free charter school that supports homeschooling families in our area.  We are the Independent Study Program for Santa Barbara Charter School.

The HomeBased Partnership:

  • Allows for flexibility in the pace of a child’s study.
  • Provides an alternative for students to achieve competency and mastery at their grade level.
  • Has an accepting and nurturing environment for kids to thrive.
  • Provides free Common Core Curriculum to our students.
  • Offers elective classes for our students.
  • Offers day field trips and for our older group, overnight trips.
  • Offers fun, social time for kids. 

Our Story and Vision Statement Small by design, excellent by caring


Our Story

In 2009, the families and staff of the HomeBased Partnership unanimously approved this mission statement for the program, as well as the four following vision statements that name specific components and goals of the program:

  • HomeBased Partnership is a collaboration between children, parents and staff who form a community of support for homeschooling families. We work together to sustain an environment of trust, respect and safety. We share responsibility for decision-making, problem solving and the implementation of the program.
  • HomeBased Partnership encourages multi-age interactions that enrich relationships and community. Some activities are designed for the specific interests, ages and abilities of our children. Family participation is a vital aspect of our program.
  • HomeBased Partnership families maintain responsibility for the education of their children. It is the domain of each individual family to decide how best to educate their children, and no specific methodology or curriculum is required, though children are expected to make progress toward grade level.
  • HomeBased Partnership supports many different learning styles and educational paths, while operating within the guidelines of a public school independent study program.
  • HomeBased Partnership strives to provide social opportunities and play, a variety of enrichment activities and classes, and an abundance of materials available on site and for home use. The group comes together in a variety of ways for informal mentoring and as a resource network.

Our Facility An intimate resource and community hub

Our Facility

HBP is located at the Community Covenant Church, 5070 Cathedral Oaks.

To contact us:

  • Send us an email at
  • Request a visit using our Contact page

However you choose to contact us, we will be promptly back to you! 


Our Classrooms At the Community Covenant church for over 25 years

SBCS | Homebase Partnership

We have been at the Community Covenant Church site for over 25 years.  We have Rooms A and B as our classrooms.  We have a library room in between the classrooms, and a wonderful outdoor space with a large playing field, climbing equipment, swings, and a Gaga Ball court.

Our Lending Library Rich resource for supporting your homeschooling goals

HBP’s Lending Library has:

  • Homeschooling support books and science kits
  • Chromebooks and Ipads
  • Books for kids TK-8th grade
  • Parenting and Homeschooling books for parents
  • Ukuleles, guitars, and recorders 
  • Board games 
  • Puzzles

SBCS | Homebase Partnership

Our Staff State Certified teachers


Meet our staff: from left to right, Megan Robertson, Jill Holmes, Stacey Caballero, and Marianne Kruidenier.


Our staff are credentialed teachers with many years of experience working with homeschooling families. Most of us are homeschoolers!

SBCS | Homebase Partnership
SBCS | Homebase Partnership


Marianne’s relationship with HBP began in 1998 when her son was enrolled as a first grader. In 2000, she was thrilled to become a teacher at HBP, and then her young daughter joined HBP too. She has a Single Subject Credential in English, and a Multi-Subject Credential. She loves crafts, art, writing, games, gardening, and animals. Marianne is the Enrollment Coordinator at HBP. “My favorite part of HBP is the kids!”

SBCS | Homebase Partnership

Stacey Caballero

Stacey has been working with families at Santa Barbara Charter School since 2003. She has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from UCSB with a supplementary credential in Science. She loves spending time outside with her family and her dog Charlie. She loves working at HBP because, “I am constantly amazed by what students and families can achieve through homeschooling.” 

Jill Holmes

Jill has been a part of HBP since 2014, first as a parent, then as a teacher.  She loves working with both the kids and the families and is thankful for the close knit, supportive community of HBP. Jill holds a Multiple Subject Credential, Masters of Arts in Education and a Transitional Kindergarten certification. Jill enjoys hiking, beach walks, baking and traveling with her family and snuggling with her cats. 

SBCS | Homebase Partnership


Megan and her family love to camp and travel. She homeschooled her kids at HBP for many years. She remembers starting to homeschool: “I was so glad to have a community of people to share the experience, to learn from, and most of all, to be a positive learning and growing environment for my children.” Megan became a teacher at HBP in the fall of 2014. “I love my role as teacher, supporter, and friend of kids and families at HBP.”

SBCS | Homebase Partnership