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25 years serving Santa Barbara homeschooling families

About HomeBased Partnership

The group of enrolled children is divided in two groups, each of them attending Open Day once a week, from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  

Each Open Day offers the children the chance to spend time with other children. All students participate in 20-minute circle times led by their lead teacher.  Children are also given the opportunity during Open Day to work with specialists who lead activities in a variety of subject areas. 

Four certified staff work with the children to administer the program, in collaboration with the parents.

HBP also offers three sessions of specialist-led classes throughout the year that allow for a wide array of activities, in-depth learning opportunities across all subject areas, and different social experiences.  Classes may be designated for specific or mixed age groups, and are generally limited to 10 children.

At HBP each family establishes a unique approach and maintains parental flexibility in curriculum use, while demonstrating that each child is making progress toward grade-level. Every week, families are required to turn in weekly records and samples of the work they’ve done at home the previous week. HBP has many resources that families can borrow from lending library (including hands-on materials, kits, resource books, some textbooks, DVDs, etc.).

The HBP program provides support and oversight by certified supervising staff members who are responsible to make sure that the student’s educational program is fulfilled. They are available to offer suggestions and help you connect with other families who are taking an approach similar to yours, or who are familiar with things that you are interested in learning about.

Our Guiding Principles

About us

In 2009, the families and staff of the HomeBased Partnership unanimously approved this mission statement for the program, as well as the four following vision statements that name specific components and goals of the program:

  1. HomeBased Partnership is a collaboration between children, parents and staff who form a community of support for homeschooling families. We work together to sustain an environment of trust, respect and safety. We share responsibility for decision-making, problem solving and the implementation of the program.
  2. HomeBased Partnership encourages multi-age interactions that enrich relationships and community. Some activities are designed for the specific interests, ages and abilities of our children. Family participation is a vital aspect of our program.
  3. HomeBased Partnership families maintain responsibility for the education of their children. It is the domain of each individual family to decide how best to educate their children, and no specific methodology or curriculum is required, though children are expected to make progress toward grade level.
  4. HomeBased Partnership supports many different learning styles and educational paths, while operating within the guidelines of a public school independent study program.

HomeBased Partnership strives to provide social opportunities and play, a variety of enrichment activities and classes, and an abundance of materials available on site and for home use. The group comes together in a variety of ways for informal mentoring and as a resource network.


Our public, non-classroom-based, or “home-based,” programs can:

  • Allow flexibility in the pace of a child’s study
  • Support students in their areas of special interest and ability
  • Provide an alternative for students to achieve competency and mastery in basic skills
  • Allow children to be educated at home
  • Encourage the child’s resourcefulness
  • Facilitate the student’s active participation in his or her own education
  • Offer real flexibility in the design of an educational program
  • Offer effective educational choices to students and their families.


Our Campus

We operate on facilities made available by the Community Covenant Church, located at 5070 Cathedral Oaks, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

You can contact in many ways:

However you choose to contact us, we will be promptly back to you!