So many things that make HBP unique!

Things that make HBP unique:

  •  A full day of social interaction and play with different age kids.
  • Conflict resolution guided by teachers/adults
  • Group games / team building skills
  • Special weekly activities and crafts – stuff my kids love but I never do at home
  • A time of sharing and talking during circle time – learning about other kids, their lives, important subjects that I might not cover
  • A large lending library
  • Field trips!
  • ELECTIVES!! (my favorite thing)  So many classes that I would never be able to teach my kids (some of the ones they’ve taken: pottery, improv acting, Mask making, karate, Greek mythology, Games, Science, Math, Nature Class, Mosaics, sewing, CA History, and those are just a few!)  I LOVE that not only are they learning different subjects, but from someone other than mom
  • Work records. Like we talked about, while they seem cumbersome, it’s actually been so great to have accountability AND a record of everything we’ve covered in the year!
  • Input from other people on my kids, their behavior, their learning, and their growth. I love getting feedback from these caring ladies who lead this place.