My son is allowed to be himself!

My 7 year old son is a sensitive, thoughtful, careful, thinker with a developing sense of humor and a big compassionate heart. HBP has been amazing for him because his quiet shy voice is heard! He is not one of 25 children in a brightly lit, over-stimulating, busy classroom, he is a child in a open outdoor/indoor classroom setting with plenty of natural light, open space, and child-led projects, with usually 6 adults supervising the 30-40 children there. The adults are all listening and offering company, insight, conversation, and educational tidbits to plant seeds in his young mind. He is never shushed, dismissed, looked over, ignored, or belittled. If he wants to take extra time on a project to make it perfect, he is encouraged to do so.  He is allowed to be himself!

Tracy, an HBP parent