Welcome to HomeBased Partnership

A closely knit community of
Santa Barbara homeschooling families


Freedom to choose

Enrichment program

Educational support leveraging our centralized campus and resources.

Custom Program

You use your generous allowance to build your own mix of specialized services and resources.

Why have parents trusted us for over 25 years? Our students' parents are a critical source of strength and excellence for HomeBased Partnership

  • Balance


    HBP has been such a blessing to our family.
    Many years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling. I truly loved having my kids at home, but was also feeling discouraged.
    HBP to the rescue! HBP offered us a beautiful balance of schooling at home and sending our kids “to school”.
    We have been a part of HBP for about 7 years now.
    Gina, HBP Parent
  • Activities


    HBP offers “Open Days” on Tuesday, Wednesday (or both, space permitting). During these days there is always a specialist activity available in the morning. Next week we are making fresh pasta, for example.
    Ashley, HBP Parent
  • People


    All four of my daughters have attended Home Based Partnership, HBP, over the last 15 years. The teachers are amazing, and they have created a very positive environment filled with kindness and acceptance of others.
    Kate, HBP parent
  • Engagement


    My son hated school, and every day he had problems with bullies. I thought homeschooling was impossible.
    Surprisingly, it was easy and brought our family closer together.
    We are so happy!
    HBP parent
  • Your choice

    Your choice

    There are so many things we love about HBP, so many reasons why we continue to choose HBP over the many other excellent homeschooling options in town.
    The main reason we attend is the support we receive to educate our children in the manner we feel is best. While HBP students are accountable to certain set standards, it is up to the parent to reach these.
    I can’t recommend HBP more highly!

The best choice in Santa Barbara We are small by design, a community of resourceful homeschooling families


We strive to deliver a personal, intimate experience tailored to the needs of Santa Barbara homeschooling families


We invite you to review what parents of HomeBased Partnership say about us: we excel because our excellent educators, some of them homeschoolers themselves, are there for you when you need them..


HomeBased Partnership parents can choose the right mix of centrally managed resources and remote support


Your homeschooling needs may change as your child grows. We will support your choice of central resources, remote support and social activity, based on your needs, and those of your child.


Parents in our homeschooling community tell us over and over that their decision to homeschool their children frequently faces unforeseen needs for resources and interaction. They also tell us how important it is for them to know that regardless of their choice of homeschooling routine, they can always find in our campus resources to loan and social interactions for their children when they need it. From technology available on loan, to open days, field trips and much more, HomeBased Partnership is always abuzz with activity and sharing activities.
Whether your child needs a book from our fully stocked library, or an iPad on loan, or to spend a day with friends, or a uniquely specialized program to learn about things you can’t provide at home, HomeBased Partnership and our devoted educators are there to help.

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